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On your wedding day, you can know that...

Your beauty is in good hands.

Award-winning Hair + Makeup Artists for

Austin, TX, Gulf Shores, AL and Pensacola, FL Brides

Bloom Beauty & Co. consists of a team of independent hair & makeup artists from the Austin area and beyond.

If there’s anything we know to be true, it’s that: brides already have enough to do. That’s why we set out to make finding quality wedding day beauty services easier.

You no longer have to spend your valuable time searching, clicking, and filling out countless contact forms. Our directory of reliable freelance hair and makeup artists provides everything you need to know (rates, portfolios, and social media accounts for top local artists) all right here at Bloom Beauty & Co.

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Browse. our artist’s portfolios, individ

For artists you can trust, brides come to Bloom. 

All of our artists are:

  • Licensed

  • Experienced

  • Fully Vetted

  • Creative

  • Good humans

Browse. our artist’s portfolios, individ

Our boutique beauty experience allows you to find the right artist and service for you.

It’s a perfect fit - every time

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Browse The Artists



Hair + Makeup - TX

From: $80


“I believe nothing beats feeling good about yourself, so I'm thankful I get to help other women feel the best version of themselves.”



Hair + Makeup - TX

From: $75


“I specialize in diverse beauty looks and trends for brides and celebrities alike. I help you look and feel confident on your big day with a look that is uniquely you.”



Hair + Makeup - TX

From: $85


“I love being able to express myself creatively, while also making my clients feel beautiful for the most memorable moments of their lives.”



Hair + Makeup - TX | AL | FL

From: $85


“I have been helping women achieve and enhance their natural beauty through my cruelty free beauty services. My aesthetic is natural and earthy and it allows you to feel like your own confident self on a day that you’ll remember forever. ”

Let’s Make It Official…

Ready to make the best and most informed decision for your beauty needs? Allow us to take the stress off of your plate. It’s time to stop searching and digging... and start Blooming.

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